Jan 30, 2013

Pallet Love sign

 Im really excited to share with you a tutorial on how to make a pallet valentine love sign!It only cost me $5.00 to make!!!
So first I wen t to Home Depot in search of anything cheap and the right size I was looking for and luckily they had these for 98 cents! They make cuts for you so I had them cut them all in half to get the length I was wanting. Even better right

 I placed them where I wanted them sorta.....notice how I didnt line them perfect I wanted the not perfect look!
 Then I got my nails and hammer and sealed the deal.....I only did one plank on the back and if I make one againg I will do 2 and then put a piece in the middle to hang it with but, this worked great it was only a little wobbly.

 I tried to get a shot of how rigged I made it but, its extremely blurry! Sorry!
 I then hammered in the teeth that I was going to hang it from but ended up just putting it on my shelf.
 Ok for more fun stuff.....I used special walnut from Minwax only because thats what I had on hand ...you can even paint it white or blue and do a different color heart. Do you like the snow yup we have had a crazy January, it really wont stop snowing!

Now the really fancy stuff comes next! I literally took a poster board for 50  cents and measured out how large I wanted the heart and cut it. Just how you learned in pre-school! Easy as that

 Then I used doubled sided tape and taped it down...it wasn't perfect....and I LIGHTLY sprayed. I LOVE LOVE how you can still see the wood grain through the pink so I did a mist really. You can do it how ever dark it might look cool with a thick coat on it too!

 Luckily my mom bought a silhouette for christmas so I have been benefiting! I cut this out using that but there are so many ways you can stencil and trace these letters on. I used my acrylic paint on the love part.

 And here it is!! I like it a lot! If you do too please share and enjoy. If you end up making one I would LOVE to see how your turned out and please ask questions if you have any!