Aug 24, 2012


This is a story about Rusty. I found him and I FELL in love! Who couldn't look at those legs right!!? I was trying to think of what to do and I decided to just go with the normal dark stain with the dirty up legs so I taped off the top and flipped it so I could paint those legs and bottom really well. I used an antiqued white found at home depot and used a dark walnut stain to really dirty it up.

Then I flipped it back and got to sanding. I loved how this looked but I decided to stain anyway....
 BUT, look how shinny it was....It didnt really look great to me sooooo I RE-SANDED!
Then all I did was applied a CLEAR top coat made for wood made by deft. I really liked that stuff. It dries fast and is easy to apply!
And this is the finished product ...I felt like this table belonged in a rustic home hence the name RUSTY the top is gorgeous and you can see ALL the wood grain and it has 2 huge leaves that come with it so this is a giant of a table if you want it to be!

I like how because I stained it and then sanded it left a lot of darks and light colors. And that bottom tab I never resanded so it stayed the dark walnut.
There is my story of Rusty. He has since found a new home but, I will always remember you!!
In the back you can see that beautiful round table I have been working on...I will keep you posted!

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