Aug 24, 2012

boutique chic cedar chest

I found this awesome chest at a local thrift store and I stood by it until I could get someone to come put a tag on it with MY name on it!!! I knew it needed some tlc but I didn't think it would take that much  work so I brought her home with me in the back of my lovely mini van! Yup I rock that all around town!

I went to the fabric store to see what fabric I could find and they didnt have anything I liked in the thicker stuff so I opted for a cotton cute blue. I first started by unscrewing ALL of the screws...

Then on the top I recovered it with some batting and a good ol staple gun, and taped off the chest...

I dont have any pictures of me in the painting stage ( i will get better at taking more pics) I decided to use some leftover grey that I had from our bedroom. I sprayed the hardware with zissners primer just to make sure it had a good stick on it. I then thought I would give it some depth and highlight some of it by putting some stain and wiping it off quickly! Lastly I sprayed it all with a clear sealer gloss from lowes, that you find in the spray paint section to make sure it would wipe away any stains on it because I thought it would have people sitting on it with dirty feet!! 

LASTLY I screwed in (or my husband) screwed in the top-it was heavy holding it in place! Sometimes you just gotta ask for some help! 

and TADA!!! A new chest for a reading nook and books or just for blankets or for whatever you can imagine!! Yay do you like it? If I can do it you can do it I PROMISE!!

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